A La Carte Florals

Order Up! Pick Ups are here!

Read the fine print…then check out the A La Carte menu and place your Pick Up order!

Designing and planning a full-service wedding can feel daunting – and for micro gatherings and elopements a bit unnecessary. This is how the Pick Up was created.  Less decision-making, a simplified ordering process, accessible pricing resulting in the A La Carte approach.

The A La Carte Pick Up menu of floral offerings features styled and curated collections showcasing palettes and floral selections designed to be broad, so that we can use the most beautiful botanical specimens available at that time. With more creative freedom to work within a vibe and colorway, rather than a specific list of requested materials and colors, our work lends itself to be artful. 

How It Works:

It’s simple: choose your vibe, and then select the florals to fulfill your needs and fit your budget. There is no need to schedule a consultation to discuss the order, there is no minimum, and no added design fee. We require two weeks’ lead time for every order, and your purchase is non-refundable. Once you place your order, we will contact you to confirm and set a specific pickup time on your event day, or the day before. 

Your order will be  packaged so that it is transportable, and coach you through any other instructions upon pickup. We’ll include a road map if there is a DIY set up needed so that your friends and family can execute the vision down to the last details.

If an unforeseen circumstance arises and your event is rescheduled (say, due to a pandemic), we are able to honor your order on your new event date as long as we are notified at least two weeks in advance of your original date, and as long as your new date is no more than one year after the original order date. Please contact us as soon as possible if such a situation arises so that we can meet a solution that suits your needs and fits our policies and availability: kQ@KerryQuade.com

The Vibe:

The color palettes and floral selections shown are intended to be a guide with room to evolve given what is freshest, local, and keeping in mind seasonal availability. While the mood and general colorway will create continuity, there will be plenty of variability from wedding to wedding with the exact mix of color, texture and specimens chosen to capture each style, palette and vibe. No two weddings are ever identical. 

Seasonality & Sourcing:

These packages give us greater creative freedom in selecting seasonal flowers. Therefore, we are better able to prioritize using flowers from our own garden and from local farms in season.  Peonies in July?  Alaska delivers! 

Choosing Your Bouquets and Personal Flowers:

These items are fairly straightforward to select, based on the size of your wedding party and other important guests who are involved in your ceremony or seated in a place of importance. It is traditional for each ladies’ attendant to hold a bouquet, complementing the one carried by the Bride. It is customary for the Groom, Groomsmen, and fathers to wear boutonnieres. The Groom’s boutonniere is designed to complement the Bridal bouquet and is slightly different than others in the wedding party.

Corsages are typically worn by mothers, grandmothers, or other special ladies you’d like to honor at your ceremony. We design corsages to be worn on both the wrist or dress so that the decision can be made on the spot, or they can change their mind halfway through! 

Choosing Your Centerpieces:

Choosing the size and quantities of centerpieces and other arrangements you need is a little less straightforward. We recommend printing out your wedding layout or drawing a road map so you can better visualize where the arrangements will go and how many you need, rather than guessing on quantities. We’ve created reception flowers to be versatile and easy to plug in to most any layout, but if you are uncomfortable deciding, this is a great task for a wedding planner. 


Do you deliver? No. This is a Pick Up ONLY option. We will be in contact with you once you place your order to confirm the details and arrange the Pick Up in Girdwood. 

When do I need to order? All orders must be placed at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. 

Cancellations//Refunds: We do not offer any refunds on pick-ups and a la carte floral orders. Once booked, we have reserved a spot for you on our calendar. If you do need to cancel your wedding, let our team know as soon as possible. 

Other important details:  We cannot accept liability if your goods are lost or damaged after pickup. You agree and acknowledge that Kerry Quade is not responsible or accountable for any personal injury or negligence from the use of goods supplied to you, or on behalf of you. 

When should I place my A La Carte Order?  You can place your order anytime up until 2 weeks before your wedding date! Sooner the better to ensure availability! 

Are you available on “X” date?  We book A La Carte flowers for any day! To ensure availability we recommend placing your order as soon as you are ready! In the rare chance we are unavailable we will let you know right away. 

Can I place my order for a Sunday or holiday?  Yes! Sundays, Holidays, Weekdays… we party every day! We are in the business of having fun but in the chance that we have ‘gone fishing’  we will schedule a specific time for pick up and will have someone meet you at the cabin. 

Can I pick up my order a day before my wedding?  Yes! But… We ALWAYS recommend picking up the day of for maximum freshness. However, we understand that is not always possible. If you need your florals early, we recommend keeping them in a cool place away from any direct heat source. DO NOT put in a fridge unless it is at 40 degrees and make sure to keep away from the sides and back wall. Replenish the water daily.

Oh! And an apple a day is not a good thing in the case of fresh flowers.  Apples give off ethylene gas that affects fresh flowers poorly.  Please keep your florals away from the apples, in or out of the fridge. 

Can I add to my order?   Yes, you may place as many orders as you need as long as it is before our 2 week deadline. 

Can I customize my A La Carte Order?   In order to keep the process streamlined and affordable, we do not offer customizations.