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one lovely blog.

what a way to start the day…. opening up the mail and seeing a note from Celia Bedilia that she’s tagged my blog for a One Lovely Blog nomination.  i love connecting with other artists and designers and the blogosphere has made this possible beyond my wildest dreams!  so here it goes, i need to share 7 fun facts about myself and name 15 blogs that i love to complete the nomination…

7 fun facts about me?!

  1. pink lemonade makes me smile.
  2. i am a part of the iron guild, a group of mass art alum who cast iron through performance for spectacle.
  3. i like to sew.
  4. i’m fascinated with what lives under the ocean.
  5. i would like to live in alaska at some point.
  6. i love to visit the farmers market, bring things home and chef it up!
  7. i just got my first puppy, stanley. he’s pretty stellar 🙂

15 ( which happens to be my favorite/lucky number! ) blogs i love!  ( so they are getting my nomination… )

hopefully you’ve discovered some of my favorite gems!  please share yours in the comments below…