adventuresinthekeyofQ, life & times of kerry Quade.

ode to maggie.

IMG_1364it’s been two years.

walking into your east village apartment meeting you, stinky & lulu is a bit like a dream now…that time when you decided you were going to learn to play the piano and got the upright…hammering away at the keys.  chatting about salem, delving into the history of coney island, mutual fascination with lady gangsters from a time long ago…horse races and the seedy side of life.  lily. we NEVER thought about moving to brooklyn… and then we both did.  wacky french realtor/landlady. mickey. headed north for peace in woodstock. you had plant questions… i had answers.  OM. so much time i thought.  we could talk for hours in silence.  fuck. perhaps we still do.

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