break up. 

They say breaking up is hard to do…it gets harder to head back east each time and will certainly have a difficulttime leaving alaska in a few days.  As I prepare for my east coast hiatus I had to head back to Talkeetna one more time… the Talkeetna Roadhouse is always a welcoming sight at the end of the spur road.

It has been a VERY low snow season here and spring is coming early… the time between winter and well, not winter here is known a break up season.   As I drove north the roads once covered with snow were bare and the frozen landscape had begun it’s transformation as the days have grown warmer.  In the winter rivers become frozen trails creating a link between communities with limited or no road systems between… as these trails thaw and the open water flows the focus turns to fishing for both human and wildlife alike, keep a keen eye out for bears!  Where there is water, there is fish and where there are fish…there are bear!

Must Love Mud.  Everything is muddy…embrace it.  Essential gear for this season is a pair of Xtra Tuffs…I put mine on and went for a trek around town and along the slushy trails by the river.


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