been around the block…


i was attending Massachusetts College of Art & looking for a job.  i walked into a flower shop at the prudential center in boston 26 years ago this week and was basically hired on the spot.  i swept floors for ages, learned the ropes from the old timers and after some time spent watering dish gardens and processing roses… thousands of roses… i was given a floral knife ( NEVER clippers ) and was ‘taught’ how to make a bud vase.

things have changed a TON in the industry.  i moved on after spending 6 years at that shop to the ‘big city’ doing hard time working full time & freelance, as i again learned the ropes of the NYC event world.

i wouldn’t change a thing.  my ‘apprenticeships’ gave me the foundation to be able to design my way through many adventures the last 2.5+ decades from Holland to the Virgin Islands, west coast to east…floral emergency? no worries… i’m a floral EMT when it comes to reviving that wilting hydrangea, hydrating gardenia blooms, wiring a bouquet of Lily of the Valley or making an old school Glamilea Bouquet – which you won’t catch me doing… EVER, but i can 😉

things have shifted in both the industry and my life.  this year you won’t find me in a flower shop answering a phone, taking orders and sending out bouquets to sweethearts counting the minutes to see if their dear remembered them on the ‘big day’ ( 10 days and counting people! )

this 26th year after walking into that flower shop and going through floral combat training i will be adventuring on in alaska while i take a little hiatus from life and think about the next big adventure…

for those of you looking for a great floral artist to create something lovely for your sweetheart here are a few of my favorite shops around the country….

ALASKA – Bloomsbury 

BROOKLYN – Seaport Flowers 

LOS ANGELES – Ace of Vase 


SEATTLE – Juniper Flowers 

if your town isn’t here check out B.Brooks  for a fine florist in your location!

do you have a favorite shop we should know about?  please share!