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inner rock star. 

Sometimes you have to let out your inner rock star.  The music scene in Boston was always solid and many nights of my youth were spent at local spots like Bill’s Bar checking out new bands.  Powerman 5ooo, or PM5k, was one of those bands blending solid sounds with a bit of theatrics… always a good show.  Last night they played here in Anchorage! I went to check out the show and was not dissapointed… the only thing that would have thrown it over the edge was adding “strike the match” from their debut True Force.  Frontman known as Spider, the only original member, greeted the stoked crowd and said he had been everywhere with this band but this was his first time to Alaska…I think Anchorage gave them an outstanding welcome.

Opening for PM5k were two local acts one being Zombie Unicorn as part of the official afterparty at the Williwaw for the IronDog and Flying Iron events kicking off this weekend.