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alaska picker

From a young age Mama Quade would take me out on long weekend drives around New England in her ( not old at that time ) butter yellow Chevy Nova stumbling through the flea markets and antique shops in and around Newburyport and Ipswich…of course we would stop for fried clams at The Clam Box or lobster at Woodman’s for a special Sunday treat.  Those treasure hunts are some of my most fond memories and that love of poking around antique shops has stuck with me… though now it is a treasure hunt for vinyl records and vintage cookbooks with the occassional search for 1950’s pottery and vessels for events 😉

Well, here in Alaska there is an off the beaten path place that is not to be missed if you are into things with a little wear and tear in a good way.  Alaska Picker in the Mat-Su valley has a stellar collection of old furniture, local tchotchkes and VINYL RECORDS!  I could have spent three days looking through them all and decided I would return to poke through the records at another time.  Two floors of great old furniture, vintage signs, kitchy kitchen goods, cook books, garden items including VINTAGE SEED PACKETS ( great for event/wedding favors or signage ), vases, 1950’s pottery, to many things to list… you must check it out!

I had sort of fallen out of love with antiquing in recent years as the hipster trend of all things vintage and retro took its hold in Brooklyn…but finding Alaska Picker was like falling in love all over again.  A warm welcome upon entering this treasure box reminded me how much I enjoyed perusing through shops and markets not quite sure what hidden gem you might find within.  Here’s a peek: