life & times of kerry Quade.

adventures in the key of Q.

The five words that send me into a panic…so what do you do?

I have struggled to figure out the elevator pitch to answer this question at many a dinner party…and I’m still not sure I’ve got it down.

I’m a florist. Pigeon Holed.

I’m an event designer…. Hmmm, not quite right and generally followed up with so what does that mean?

Event planner. OH, you’re a wedding planner! No, no…. no.

I can plan weddings and have and still do but that’s not quite it either.

I am an artist.

Those are the four words that I should say…but for some reason struggle to spit them out when they should roll off the tongue with ease.

Why? Well, I never thought what I did for a ‘job’ to pay the bills was making art. I started working at a flower shop 26 years ago while attending Massachusetts College of Art. It has taken me working in flower shops, for event companies, full time/part time/freelance and owning my own business in several incarnations creating thousands of events from décor to full scale producing to realize I was looking at it all wrong.

An empty venue – be it a loft, hotel ballroom, park or parking lot is my canvas… all of the elements that go into making the event ( floral, décor, rentals, ect ) are my medium and the making it happen is my process. Life. Changing.

I approach each event, social, corporate or non profit clients alike, by assessing the client/guest experience and create the event by transforming their nuggets of raw ideas and inspiration into a dynamic experience. I am an experience maker who uses floral and décor to create inspired environments and unique guest experiences.

I’ll have to memorize that one.

Hi, I’m kerry Quade… oh, what do I do? I’m an artist. What sort of art? That is a good question. Well, I create interactive experiences… perhaps you’ve been to an event that I have designed?   Now, doesn’t that sound interesting?

Where is this all going? I am going to take you on a journey this year… I have come to the conclusion that instead of compartmentalizing my life and interests I would try a new approach….I’ve created as a platform for floral and décor while keeping my other interests, creative endeavors and community involvement separate and that is about to change. I will be sharing my adventures…new experiences, photographs, and short stories from my travels in addition to the events we are working on and general happenings around the studio. You’ll find original artwork being posted in the shop… alongside the funky florals and PROP shop. Unfiltered and Unfettered 2015 is going to be HUGE! Are you ready? #adventuresinthekeyofQ.

Next up… Mushing in Michigan.   IMG_5488

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